Divorce Financial Planning LLC (“DFP”)

DFP was formed with the intent of working with clients who are in one of the various stages of life changing events, including divorce.  For divorce clients, this may involve pre- and post-nuptial agreements, negotiation of new settlements, renegotiation of existing settlements, and other various divorce related measures.

DFP can be the:

  • financial advisor for clients who have been through a significant change in their lives, including divorce, retirement, sale of a business, loss of a spouse, or other life changing event;


Specifically in divorce, DFP can be:

  •  financial advocate for Wife;
  •  financial advocate for Husband;
  •  financial neutral in a collaborative divorce case;
  •  mediator in a divorce case either with or without (“pro se”)  legal counsel.
  •  financial consultant to legal counsel;
  •  expert witness for trial.


DFP was founded with the intent of working with clients who need a financial planning approach brought to the divorce process. The goal was to look forward in time in an effort to better negotiate settlements, have a fuller understanding of the impact of their financial decisions, and lastly, to have a more comprehensive approach to the negotiations relative to equitable distribution, spousal support, child support and other decisions that are required.

DFP is a small firm that provides a strong effort at building client relationships with substantial communication in the up front stages of the process in an effort to best understand a client’s situation long term and bring an efficient way to work towards controlling the cost of the divorce process.